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Welcome to My Sunshine Farm! We are a family farm located in Central and Eastern Virginia. We believe in reducing waste and pasture raising our animals. We are a new farm starting from the ground up. We hope you'll join us on our journey to provide healthy food and happy animals to you, our client, and our communities.

Mission statements – To create quality food naturally, humanely and responsibly. At My Sunshine Farm, our goal is to provide a community based business that restores heritage breeds and produce to protect and sustain for future generations. Our farm is founded on family and we encourage involvement with our clients in their food and production of produce. We believe healthy food and happy animals is a choice. Thank you for choosing our family farm and we hope to hear from you soon. Y'all come back now!

Company policies – Pasture raised animals, no pesticides or growth hormones, organic soil and products for our produce, reuse, reduce and recycle waste, and involvement of our community and clients.

Articles – Know what you're eating. It may be more expensive, but well worth it.

Pasture raised animals.

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Welcome to My Sunshine Farm! We are a recently developed family farm working to create homegrown food for homegrown people. We encourage our clients and community to become part of our family here at My Sunshine Farm. We believe in respecting our earth and farm animals with our efforts to produce heritage products humanely and responsibly.